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Is FMCG the Most Exciting Supply Chain?

FMCG is the fourth largest sector in the Indian economy. The FMCG sector has grown at an annual average of about 11 per cent over the last decade. Retail market in India is estimated to reach USD450 billion by 2015 and around USD1350 billion by 2020, with organized retail accounting for a 14–18 per cent […]

Indian E-commerce Industry is adulterated!

So how does the E-Tail (Online Retail) flagship Big Billion-day sales went? Millions of Sales in few days, fantastic isn’t it? But is that a real victory to celebrate for this Industry? Does the E-tail Industry doing great? Being in a Metro City or a Tier 1 or Tier 2 city, we may feel that […]

‘Automotive Supply Chain’ – Our Bread and Butter!!!

Let’s start with an overview of the Automotive Industry. Automotive Industry is considered the key driver of growth of Indian Economy and it’s true globally too. It all started with the opening of markets on 1991 and marked the end to rule of ‘License Raj’. Wealth of text around these are already available on the […]

Proof of Concept

Odoo Implementation for a Global Retailer

Odoo Implementation includes Global template for Retailer, FRDs, detailed process FDMs, specifications, integration, process documentation and training. Since the project includes the end to end of supply chain, it includes Manufacturing, WMS, CRM, Sales, Accounting, E-Commerce and POS. About the Business: The retailer has operations in 8 Countries and this implementation is a pilot at […]

Start Up

Why working in a Start Up is not so exciting?

“Why working in a START UP is not so great?” ‘Start Up’ – Just hearing this word brings Smile in lot of faces. Same is the case in the Student community who are completing studies and ready to start their career. But, now a critical career decision to be taken – Which Industry? What Role? […]


Digital Supply Chain, the New Normal in VUCA World | IMI New Delhi Operations Summit 2020

Adapting to the volatile times of the pandemic, IMI New Delhi is proud to present Conventus'20, the 9th edition of the annual management conclave which will be held from 18th - 20th of September, 2020. Due to the constraints associated with Covid-19, the conclave will be held on the virtual platform.

Supply Chain Tools for Post Covid19 Transformation | Guest Lecture by Alvis Lazarus at SDA Bocconi

Covid19 actually surfaced a lot of hidden issues in Supply chain. Alvis Lazarus, CEO Hesol Consulting explains the Key Supply Chain Tools & Strategies like Go-To Market Strategy, Network Strategy, Inventory Simulations and SCOR Model which would support organizations transform their supply chain post Covid19.

Case Solution | Be a Supply Chain Consultant & Save This Loss Making Online Retail Business | IIFT

Live Project case study in the the Operations Consulting Workshop organized by Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), New Delhi

Supply Chain Best Practices Post Covid-19 | Insights by Alvis Lazarus | Amity Global Business School

Organizations have always been sure of that their Supply Chain is Perfect and Covid19 is the actual reality test. A real eye opener which unearthed all the weak links in the Supply chain. Alvis Lazarus, CEO Hesol Consulting explains the Supply Chain best practices and a game plan that would prepare the supply chain to face any Pandemic in the future.

Live Project | Warehouse Design and Optimization | Case Discussion by Alvis Lazarus | SIOM Nashik

The Burning Issue is at Hesol’s Main warehouse. The good news is ‘the forecast shows multi fold increase in demand’, but the main warehouse is not designed for that capacity and will run out of space in next few months. Read the case and solve it!

Business Continuity amid challenges of Broken Supply Chain by Covid19 | Insights by Alvis Lazarus

Webinar organized by Power2SME and Wadhwani Foundation | Alvis Lazarus, CEO of Hesol Consulting shared insights on Gold Mine of Opportunities opened up by Covid19.