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What is KANO Model? Learn to Know ‘What your Customers want?’ Customers won’t tell you everything


Use KANO Model to exactly know what your customers want. Else the Business may not sustain for more time and it may fail! I have explained the Nuances of KANO Model and how to capture the Voice of Customer in this video.


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Video Transcript:

Hello everyone. Welcome back to Supply chain way.

In this video we are going to learn about the theory called Kano model. It will help you to know what your customer wants.

To understand the Kano model we are going to do a small exercise. It will take probably 5 to 10 minutes of your time, which will clearly explain you what is a Kano model and Kano model can be used as a tool to capture voice of customer as well.


voice of customer KANO Model Supply chain way
Voice of Customer – KANO Model

Let’s start with an exercise, now what you have to do is just pause this video. Go and find a piece of paper and pencil come back and then play this video.

So, you got your pencil and paper. The exercises there is an offer from a two-wheeler manufacturer to you and the offer is you will get a two wheeler at free of cost and very importantly whatever you ask in the two-wheeler will be provided to you.

It could be of the color you want, the shape you want and whatever the power you want all what you ask for in that two-wheeler will be manufactured as per your specifications and will be provided to you. So, what you need to do is: take next two to three minutes of your time to quickly document all your requirements like color, power, mileage and all you need in your two-wheeler,and keep it ready and we will review that in a while. So, please pass this video, go back complete your requirement of what you need in your two-wheeler and then come back and play this video.

Now that you are ready with your requirements list quickly go through your requirement. Keep your piece of paper with those requirements ready.

voice of customer KANO Model Supply chain way
Voice of customer – KANO Model
  1. Have you mentioned that you need a seat in your two-wheeler? No? Then, you will get a two- wheeler but there won’t be any seat. You may have to find a way how we are going to drive your two wheeler without sitting on it.
  2. Have you mentioned that you need a stand? No? Then you will get the two wheeler without a stand. You may have to find a way how you are going to park your two-wheeler.
  3. Have you mentioned that you need a wheel? No? So, you may get a two wheeler with a great powerful engine, which has a capability to deliver a great mileage as well but, there won’t be any wheel. You need to find a way how we are going to drive it on the road.
voice of customer KANO Model Supply chain way
Voice of customer – KANO Model

These are all the basic requirements in a two- wheeler. So, these are all the basic requirement in any product which is called the basic attributes. It is also called as the unspoken needs of the customer. The customer will never say anything about it but, they will expect it to be there on the product. If you don’t provided, it will lead to a great dissatisfaction for the customer. The second one: is the performance needs.

The performance needs are the spoken needs. If you just see your paper what you have written definitely would have talked about mileage, definitely would have talked about the power all these things are related to the performance. This is what mostly the customers will talk about and those are called the performance attributes. So, in a performance attribute the more the better, if you give more mileage more happy customers, if you give more power more happy customers. This is always like you give more the more happier the customers are. The last one is the excitement needs. The excitement needs as well won’t be specifically told by the customer.

But, if that is provided by the business that will give that wall factor that delight to the customers. There are three attributes part of the requirements of the customer: the basic, performance and the excitement.

voice of customer KANO Model Supply chain way
Voice of customer – KANO Model

What we are going to do is: we’re going to plot that in a small graph. On the x-axis, you have the degree of achievement.

And on y- axis you have the satisfaction of the customer. So, let’s first talk about the basic needs as I told you, if the organization has not provided the basic requirement like for example you didn’t talk about the seat or stand but, if that is not provided on your two- wheeler that will lead to a great dissatisfaction. The satisfaction of the customer is at the least. But, if it is provided all those basic requirements have been provided in a two- wheeler, will you be jumping out? No, you won’t be, right okay it is there and I’m kind of satisfied. So, it is not a great satisfaction but it is somewhat over here.

Now coming back to the performance needs of the customer, if that is not provided as well will lead to a greatest dissatisfaction. If provided it will lead to highest level of satisfaction.

Now in terms of excitement needs if it is not provided it may not give any kind of greatest dissatisfaction because, the customer is not asking for it. It is somewhat over here but, if given to the customer it will lead to a greatest satisfaction.

If we connect all this in the form of a line this is how the graph will look like. This is for basic. This is for your performance and this is for your delight or excitement needs. This is nothing but the Kano model a theory of product development and customer satisfaction developed in the 1980’s by Professor Kano. I want to just give you one last inside which is very very crucial and then I’m going to sum off this video.

The different attributes what you’ve seen is basic, performance, delight these are not static. Let me give you an example.

Let’s consider a Kano model for stay in a hotel. 10 years before Wi-fi will fall into a delight attribute. Now within 10 years, it has slowly moved into a basic attribute, think about you check into a hotel even before you get the key. Can you please give me the Wi-Fi password. Even though you didn’t ask specifically while booking is there an Wi-Fi but, if Wi-Fi is not there, that will lead to a dissatisfaction for you. That is why you should use the market research and other analytical tools as well as the survey tools to know your customers well, capture those information and then plot them in the form of a kano. In this the very very crucial information which tend to be missed by the business or those basic attributes. So, that’s it from this video.

Thank you, so much for watching. If you have any questions related to Kano, please feel free to leave me a note in the comment section. I would be glad to answer them back for you.

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