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Live Project | Warehouse Design and Optimization | Case Discussion by Alvis Lazarus | SIOM Nashik


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The Sales data in spreadsheet has to be downloaded at https://supplychainway.com/warehouse-layout-operations-design/

You can also download the full case study as a Pdf at the following link: https://supplychainway.com/warehouse-layout-operations-design/

The Burning Issue is at Hesol’s Main warehouse. The good news is ‘the forecast shows multi fold increase in demand’, but the main warehouse is not designed for that capacity and will run out of space in next few months.

At the Hesol’s board meeting, the following decisions are taken:

– A Brand-New Warehouse would be constructed

– The Entire Main Warehouse Operations would be transitioned to the New Warehouse

– The New Warehouse would be designed to take care of Sales forecast up-to next 2 Years

– The New Warehouse should be ready within next 3 Quarters (9 Months)

– The New Warehouse Design and plan should be ready in next 30 Days

Considering the complexity of the project, Hesol has decided to hire an external warehouse design & operations consultant. After a stringent selection process, you are hired as the warehouse & operations consultant to lead the warehouse solution design for this project. Leverage your supply chain consulting skills to solve this case.

Hesol would form an execution team to realize the design you would submit.

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