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How to keep your Job and Career secure during and post Covid19?

So. as you are aware covid-19 has negatively impact this world and one of the saddest thing is people losing jobs and more importantly people feeling very insecure on their job this leads to lots of frustration which is not good; there is kind of a big negative sentiment going around in the industry so what I plan to do is quickly tell you what is that you can do the best at this tough times and how you can come out of this in style.

Data is a GOLD Mine! How to Build a Supply Chain Analytics

A Dream Career in Supply Chain Operations Roles

Operations role - What an exciting role isn't it? Equal to that excitement, there are a lot of confusion prevailing in the market about operations role within supply chain. So in this video, I'm going to clear all these confusion surrounding the operations role within supply chain.

Supply Chain Basics Course – (L1) Introductory Session to Supply Chain | Lecture by Alvis Lazarus