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Live Project: E-Commerce Warehouse Space Planning & Layout Design | Be a Supply Chain Consultant and Solve This!


You can also download the full case study as a Pdf and a copy of the Dummy Layout at the following link:

You can download the ECommerce Transit Hub Warehouse Planning case study below:

You can download the Spaceplanning FacilityLayout Skeleton below:

After leasing a warehouse of the size as per the Annexure 1, 3PL & Co started operations and they realized that during the course of daily operations, they have to hold a maximum of 10 Inbound shipments worth of products on floor before they are loaded onto the last mile Truck. The warehouse couldn’t handle it and came to a stand-still. On war footing basis, 3PL and Co hired a consultant from Hesol Consulting to solve the issue.

Consider yourself as the consultant and solve the rest of the open items –

1. Potentially, what actions would the consultant considered to reduce the maximum number of Inbound shipments to be held at the hub from 10 (700 Products) to just 150 Products?

2. Considering all the current state information given above, the maximum products to be held and other needed space in a warehouse like office area etc, find out whether we can accommodate them in the existing leased space of 104 Feet x 43 Feet?

3. If you can accommodate, make a basic layout in Excel showing all the specific areas allocated, how much (Square feet and pallet locations) and where in the layout? Note: Keep the material flow and all constraints given above in mind.

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