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Do Women hate Fashion Supply Chain?

So, you may be wondering with the title “Do women hate Fashion Supply Chain?”. This article covers Textile Apparel Supply Chain Logistics Model and would try answering this mysterious question. When I say ‘Fashion’, the context is ‘the overall Textile and Apparel Industry of India and not just the retailing portion of it’. To better explain the Textile […]

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Warehouse Optimization – A COMPETITIVE EDGE in Supply Chain!

Warehousing and Logistics are two key levers and enablers within Supply Chain. To describe each one of them in a single word, I would use the verb ‘Store’ to describe Warehousing and ‘Move’ to describe Logistics. Supply chain will cease to perform without these key verbs (Store and Move) since products have to move through multiple nodes of the supply […]

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Is ‘Giving Up’ a Smart Supply Chain Operations Strategy?

Let me first explain the overall fit; In an Organization, there are three levels of Planning – Strategic Plan, Tactical Plan and Operational Plan; it is also termed as Strategy, Tactics and Operations. Considering the focus area of this article let me explain this very short. Strategic plan of an organization sets the direction for an […]

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Food Delivery Supply chain Optimization

Food Delivery Supply Chain Optimization Model for an European Internet company, Dubai. This project focus on SCM modelling and Logistics Simulation to optimize food delivery supply chain at Dubai. The model captures all key supply chain process data points and dynamically builds its BI capability on an on-going basis. Thereby, it is capable of forecast […]

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