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A Word of Caution on Online Certifications!

A Word of Caution on Online Certifications!


With the lock down, there is a steep increase in the number of online certifications. Not just that, most of these certifications do not hold any value!

On one such certification, you become a Certified Supply Chain Master through a webinar series for 8 hours of learning. These certifications hold no value on your profile and does no value addition for you.

Please don’t waste your time! Be Smart in evaluating the course before investing your time and money! Do the following –

1. Go through the agenda (agenda should have 80-90% of things you don’t know, then only there will be learning)

2. Know about your Trainer / Coach (so crucial – go through the complete profile of your trainer)

3. Credentials of the Provider (do a quick secondary research and find out, if the provider focus on mass certification or quality; Just a search in google and linkedin can tell you the story)

4. Proportion of Hands-on part of Training – don’t take a course which at-least has 30% of the total course time in hands-on experience in the form of field work or solving case studies etc

5. Evaluation – a course which doesn’t have a stringent evaluation doesn’t focus on quality. Stay away from their courses.

If you want a feedback on specific course, share details at www.supplychainway.com/forum to get a review by our experts.

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