Warehouse Transformation for an Indian steel and energy company

Warehouse Transformation Solution design for an Indian steel and energy company. This would be a ‘Transformation Change’ across all existing Warehouses as well as the Upcoming Warehouses of the Textiles sector of that company. The Supply chain in discussion is from the Yarn storage, Processing, Roll Storage and Transportation to Customers. Warehouse Transformation Solution Design: Location […]

Warehouse Optimization – A COMPETITIVE EDGE in Supply Chain!

Warehousing and Logistics are two key levers and enablers within Supply Chain. To describe each one of them in a single word, I would use the verb ‘Store’ to describe Warehousing and ‘Move’ to describe Logistics. Supply chain will cease to perform without these key verbs (Store and Move) since products have to move through multiple nodes of the supply […]

The World Class ‘Petty Shop’ Supply Chain

World Class ‘Petty Shop’ Supply Chain Do you know Mrs. Lakshmi from Bangalore? Probably not! She is a petty shop owner at HSR Layout, Bangalore. I’m a regular customer at her shop. Do you know the shop’s Customer Service Level? – it is consistently 100% for past 5 Years. Never my favorite Ginger Tea and […]

Inventory Blunders that Haunt your Business

As I write this article, I have lead more than 150+ Projects in Supply chain across many countries throughout my career and the real inspiration to this article is that ‘In each of those projects, the flavor of Inventory was always there either part of the issue or the solution’. I have also seen when […]

Is ‘Giving Up’ a Smart Supply Chain Operations Strategy?

Let me first explain the overall fit; In an Organization, there are three levels of Planning – Strategic Plan, Tactical Plan and Operational Plan; it is also termed as Strategy, Tactics and Operations. Considering the focus area of this article let me explain this very short. Strategic plan of an organization sets the direction for an […]

Odoo Implementation for a Global Retailer

Odoo Implementation includes Global template for Retailer, FRDs, detailed process FDMs, specifications, integration, process documentation and training. Since the project includes the end to end of supply chain, it includes Manufacturing, WMS, CRM, Sales, Accounting, E-Commerce and POS. About the Business: The retailer has operations in 8 Countries and this implementation is a pilot at […]