Case Solution | Be a Supply Chain Consultant & Save This Loss Making Online Retail Business | IIFT

Live Project case study in the the Operations Consulting Workshop organized by Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), New Delhi

Supply Chain Best Practices Post Covid-19 | Insights by Alvis Lazarus | Amity Global Business School

Organizations have always been sure of that their Supply Chain is Perfect and Covid19 is the actual reality test. A real eye opener which unearthed all the weak links in the Supply chain. Alvis Lazarus, CEO Hesol Consulting explains the Supply Chain best practices and a game plan that would prepare the supply chain to face any Pandemic in the future.

Live Project | Warehouse Design and Optimization | Case Discussion by Alvis Lazarus | SIOM Nashik

The Burning Issue is at Hesol’s Main warehouse. The good news is ‘the forecast shows multi fold increase in demand’, but the main warehouse is not designed for that capacity and will run out of space in next few months. Read the case and solve it!

Business Continuity amid challenges of Broken Supply Chain by Covid19 | Insights by Alvis Lazarus

Webinar organized by Power2SME and Wadhwani Foundation | Alvis Lazarus, CEO of Hesol Consulting shared insights on Gold Mine of Opportunities opened up by Covid19.

How to have a Super Star Career in Supply Chain Analytics? Guest Lecture by Alvis Lazarus | IIM Tiruchy, SigmaEta

Super Star Career in Supply Chain Analytics | Guest Lecture by Alvis Lazarus on how to build a Supply chain Analytics career. Many key questions are answered in the session.