Business Continuity amid challenges of Broken Supply Chain by Covid19 | Insights by Alvis Lazarus

Webinar organized by Power2SME and Wadhwani Foundation | Alvis Lazarus, CEO of Hesol Consulting shared insights on Gold Mine of Opportunities opened up by Covid19.

How to have a Super Star Career in Supply Chain Analytics? Guest Lecture by Alvis Lazarus | IIM Tiruchy, SigmaEta

Super Star Career in Supply Chain Analytics | Guest Lecture by Alvis Lazarus on how to build a Supply chain Analytics career. Many key questions are answered in the session.

Supply Chain Basics Course – (L1) Introductory Session to Supply Chain | Lecture by Alvis Lazarus

What is Supply Chain? A Basic Supply Chain model Functions within Supply Chain How basics of Supply Chain will even help other Specilisation like Marketing, HR, Finance and so on Basics of Supply Chain course - what will you learn? Who should learn the basics of supply chain?

MDI Murshidabad | Supply Chain Analytics Career Live Session by Alvis Lazarus

Let's start with the market size of Supply Chain Analytics. In general let me put that as an Analytics as a global market is expected to reach around 16 to 20 billion US Dollars by end of 2024 and with the cagr of around 16 to 17%. In nutshell it tells this an analytics sector overall having a huge potential and it is going in the right direction. But if you see the summary in terms of how I ended the video session an Analytics has a great future but only Analytics doesn't have a great future.

WeSchool (Welingkar Institute of Management) Supply Chain Analytics Career Session by Alvis Lazarus

I am going to explain to you how Analytics plays a crucial role here. So this is a very quick schematic diagram of what happens in a Supply Chain. If you see there is a set of Supply planning and demand planning. This is a planning side of the supply chain which then feeds this demand into the engine.