Hello Alvis, I need help for my career.
I have studied Business & mg degree here in Spain, and now I´m finishing a master in logistics and SC while I was doing an internship at a great firm.
The problem is that the masters that I´m doing has no renown (is new and cheap) and with the covid19 I have lost my internship.
I find myself deeply worried about my future, I have started to think to get another degree in engineering (+3-4-5 years), get C1 english level, Apics, Project mg, edx MIT courses…, but I don´t know what to do.
What will you do in my situation? Start looking for a low degree job, (SC administrative) and then go up while doing the courses mentioned above? Leave everything because job market is bad now and start engineering degree (then I should get more job offers)?
Big thanks for you, your videos and this forum!!

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