I am currently thinking about a career shift to supply chain management.
I am 2018 mechanical engineering graduate and for the past 6+ months i have been working as an engineering trainee in the boilers and ETP division of a company. Unfortunately I discovered that the present work doesn’t suit me much and it doesn’t offer much career growth.
So I was in search of a career that I could connect with my degree and one that has huge scope and room for development. That is when I stumbled across supply chain management and since I tried to learn more about the profession.
I believe the OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT would a good choice for me but I am confused on how to kick start my career in operations management . That is whether to apply for a Pg/certificate course in supply chain management or to search for a job in the field.
And if I should pursue a job what are the types of positions that a person like me who has no previous relation to the field should apply for, so as to develop a career in operations management.

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