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E-Commerce knocked out by FMCG!!!

This article tries to compare the E-Commerce and FMCG industries from challenges, complexities and excitement standpoint on a Logistics & Supply chain career with these Industries!!! Supply Chain Network The first point of evaluation when it comes to supply chain is the network and distribution. How many Indians does that supply chain have reached to? […]

Logistics – A Key Lever in E-Commerce Marketplace

Before we discuss about the Logistics in E-Commerce market place, let’s see a basic supply chain and the scope of logistics within the supply chain and then move onto the main subject. The schematic diagram on the right-hand side shows a basic supply chain model.  All the movement of product in raw material, semi-finished and […]

How to change the fate of your Start Up??

“Most exciting phase of Start-Up journey is your first Funding Experience” ‘START-UP’ – how fascinating and exciting to even spell this word, isn’t it? A start-up is not just a new business but it is someone’s dream which they have been thinking through for months or years, turning into a reality. Hence that dream which […]

Throughput time Reduction for White Goods Transit Hub

Throughput time Reduction for Online Retailer’s Transit Hubs Our Client is operating transit hubs for India’s biggest online retailer; the product category is white goods and home appliances. The current operation is running full and we are expecting a 5x growth in the lines to be handled per day. The business case is to optimize […]

Lean Canvas (Value Proposition) Model for an Ireland based Organization for Red Meat Supply Chain

Developed Lean Canvas (Value Proposition Canvas) for Red Meat Supply Chain. Through a Value Stream map the bottlenecks are identified and then using Therblig Study, OEE Analysis, Line Balancing and Lean tools, the process is streamlined. Business Case: Increase the value of the fifth quarter by increasing yields Reduce labor by creating better workflows Provide […]

Supply Chain Advisory to an E-commerce retailer

The Supply Chain Advisory focused on Strategic Plan to Improve Profitability, Inventory Stocking Strategy across Supply Chain, Drop Shipping Concept, Replenishment Nuances, S&OP, Supply Chain IoT and Standard Work. The crux of the Supply Chain Advisory services provided are explained below: I. Cross Functional Collaboration As the business grows 10x or more, one area which […]

E-commerce Start Up in Healthcare Industry

End to End Start Up Consulting for Online Healthcare Business. The project planning till Go-Live is completed in a record time of 4 months. Go-Live Plan and Execution, Last Mile Logistics, Process set up, Tech FRDs, Vendor Contracts & MIS are Implemented.   PROJECT SUMMARY Business Case: End to End of E-Commerce Start-Up in the Healthcare […]

Is FMCG the Most Exciting Supply Chain?

FMCG is the fourth largest sector in the Indian economy. The FMCG sector has grown at an annual average of about 11 per cent over the last decade. Retail market in India is estimated to reach USD450 billion by 2015 and around USD1350 billion by 2020, with organized retail accounting for a 14–18 per cent […]

Indian E-Commerce Industry is not yet a Success Story!

Within just a decade, E-Commerce has shown its flamboyant outlook and grown into a Sunrise Industry. The E-Commerce industry in India has seen significant growth in the past years and grown exponentially with a CAGR of 60% past 5 years. Jobs, News, Media, Conferences, Workshops and all the other business junctions are flooded with E-Commerce […]

Best Supply Chain Practices for a Healthy Business

Best supply chain practices for E-commerce sellers to be profitable: – Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the back bone of any business and the context of business in this article is from an E-Commerce Seller stand point and also since most of the key products are stocked at E-Tailer’s (Online Retailer) warehouses, the article is […]