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Is ‘Giving Up’ a Smart Supply Chain Operations Strategy?

Let me first explain the overall fit; In an Organization, there are three levels of Planning – Strategic Plan, Tactical Plan and Operational Plan; it is also termed as Strategy, Tactics and Operations. Considering the focus area of this article let me explain this very short. Strategic plan of an organization sets the direction for an […]

Odoo Implementation for a Global Retailer

Odoo Implementation includes Global template for Retailer, FRDs, detailed process FDMs, specifications, integration, process documentation and training. Since the project includes the end to end of supply chain, it includes Manufacturing, WMS, CRM, Sales, Accounting, E-Commerce and POS. About the Business: The retailer has operations in 8 Countries and this implementation is a pilot at […]

‘Delay in Supply Chain’ is too Good?!!!

Delay in Supply Chain is too good? Even I was puzzled the same way when I had my first interaction with a core supply chain management concept (Strategy) called ‘Product Postponement’. In a layman’s term, postponement can be ideally termed as ‘Delay’ – probably to be more precise, we would term that as an ‘Intentional […]

Supply Chain Simulation & Modelling – A Bad strategy?

Before we get into the discussion of “Are Simulation & Modelling a Bad Strategy?”, let’s understand the basics of Simulation and Modelling and why / where / how we do that in a Supply Chain environment. Have you ever referred your friend’s name to your parents and told something you would like to do in […]

Food Delivery Supply chain Optimization

Food Delivery Supply Chain Optimization Model for an European Internet company, Dubai. This project focus on SCM modelling and Logistics Simulation to optimize food delivery supply chain at Dubai. The model captures all key supply chain process data points and dynamically builds its BI capability on an on-going basis. Thereby, it is capable of forecast […]

Why working in a Start Up is not so exciting?

“Why working in a START UP is not so great?” ‘Start Up’ – Just hearing this word brings Smile in lot of faces. Same is the case in the Student community who are completing studies and ready to start their career. But, now a critical career decision to be taken – Which Industry? What Role? […]

Indirect Taxation for different E-Commerce Models

E-COMMERCE INDUSTRY – Struggling but Tons of potential OPPORTUNITIES still there to grab!!! E-Commerce Industry is one such Industry which lots of ups and downs. Grabbing a share of more than 60% of total VC Funding, Internet users in India posed to reach 900 million in 2020 and Indian internet market expected to reach $150 billion by […]

Strategy for an Automotive giant from United States

Go-To Market Strategy for the Automotive Client captured the Business Specifics and Operational Nuances for Indian Market. The methodology involved Primary and Secondary Research, Business Plan, Supply Chain Model, Unit Economics and Taxation. PROJECT SUMMARY Business Case: Go to Market Strategy for the automotive giant Market Research of Car Care Industry in India Supply Chain […]

Secret Recipe to solve complex Supply Chain Issues

It took me more than 15+ Years before I’m able to confidently pen down the secret recipe to solve supply chain problems. Supply Chain Problem? Before we move forward, let’s set the definition of a supply chain problem clear. Though there are hundreds of supply chain problems, all these problems add up to two main […]

Nuances in Go-To Market Strategy

If I think about India, the first thing which comes to my mind is the ‘Diversity’ and it is so unique to India. To put up in a single sentence, India is a country of diversity in religion, caste, language, architecture, food and culture. That sounded really great but this puts in a lot of […]